Social Media

SAP has announced that Brand Networks, a leading provider of social advertising and content marketing solutions, is the latest partner for SAP® Anywhere.

Through SAP’s new SME platform, small and midsize enterprises can now have integrated access to Brand Networks’ social marketing capabilities alongside other tools including Google’s productivity and collaboration capabilities, PayPal’s leading payment system and UPS’ shipping and logistics solutions.

Brand Networks helps place the power of social media in the hands of SMEs, and can enable them to effectively compete with the social media presence of larger companies. SAP Anywhere users are now able to choose images and develop social media adverts through the portal – potentially saving them valuable time, resource and money. Using Brand Networks, small businesses can place adverts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram with a click of a button, eliminating the need to develop new adverts for each site since the tool automatically reformats adverts for different platforms.

SAP Anywhere helps make it possible for small companies to grow their business. SMEs can use SAP Anywhere to help them capitalise on retail store sales, build an entire website or online store, create marketing campaigns, sell the product, manage the inventory and analyse whether the business is performing successfully. They can do all of this from a mobile phone or tablet with business analytics at their fingertips.