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Urban Airship has revealed that almost two-thirds (61 percent) of Brits belong to three to more than fifteen loyalty programmes, with 41 percent carrying 3-5 loyalty cards in their purse/wallet.

However, despite the obvious desire to be savvy shoppers, almost a quarter (22 percent) admit to only using their physical loyalty cards “sometimes” or “rarely.” Together with other common shopping behaviours, a huge number of Brits are wasting cash savings and other loyalty benefits.

The top two reasons for not always using their loyalty cards include not bringing the card with them (45 percent) and forgetting they are part of the loyalty programme altogether(40 percent).

Additionally, 34 percent of UK respondents said they “always” or “often” forget to bring paper coupons to the store, and 41 percent said they “always” or “often” let coupons for products they’re interested in expire or go unused. For U.K. millennials, these behaviours make up the majority.

Mobile wallet: the answer for savvy shoppers in the UK

The report also identified a huge opportunity for shops and consumers to use mobile wallet technology, as the majority of respondents (62 percent) claimed that they would be more likely to use their loyalty card if it was on their phone.

Mobile wallets are native to iOS and Android with Apple Wallet and Android Pay allowing smartphone users to receive and store content like loyalty cards, event tickets, boarding passes, coupons, as well as make mobile payments with credit and debit cards.

45 percent of Brits have already used mobile wallets, with the top uses being loyalty cards (62 percent), boarding passes (44 percent) and coupons (42 percent).

Interestingly, the report also found that if shoppers receive mobile wallet expiration reminders, 58 percent are more likely to use the coupon. If those reminders are received when they are close to the store, the majority of Brits are more likely to go inside to shop, including 78 percent of U.K. millennials.

The report also highlighted that most Brits (67 percent) are more likely to join a loyalty programme if points and rewards are automatically updated and immediately visible on mobile wallet loyalty cards. In addition, 68 percent of Brits are more likely to use mobile payments if loyalty, rewards and discounts are automatically applied.

“The report shows that there is a huge opportunity for both retail brands and consumers with mobile wallets,” said Nigel Arthur, managing director of EMEA, Urban Airship. “Not only is there an opportunity to improve customer service, boosting loyalty and sales, but British bags can be both lighter with fewer physical cards that go unused, and heavier where it counts as more Brits cash in on loyalty rewards and cost-savings. Previous research on this topic claims that shoppers hold an estimated £1.3bn of savings in unclaimed loyalty points*.”

Arthur continues: “There is a shift underway in how consumers want to interact with brands. They want relevant, personalised content at their fingertips with as little friction as possible. Mobile wallets are poised to lead the next wave of mobile experiences that businesses of all sizes can offer their customers and, in so doing, will transform multiple billion-pound industries.”

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