Social Media

In fact according to Hypatia Research Group survey of more than 500 organisations, 17.8% of customer service and support executives realise greater than 5% return on investment – defined as a percentage of total annual marketing spend.  

 Another 20% realise between 3%-5% return on investment. Leslie Ament vice president, and senior analyst at Hypatia Research Group stated, "Organizations that adopt social intelligence tools, combined with best practices for rules-based business process workflows are empowered to utilise their social channels as decision support and customer engagement for value creation."

 Ament continued, "Our analysis reveals that "customer experience" is an intangible metric. True customer engagement has a higher probability of tangible outcome. Effective usage of social intelligence technologies may well create a differentiation for early adopters."

 Over 526 respondents with direct accountability for selection or use of social analytics software and services were utilized for this primary research.

 Company size of respondent profiles are: 37.5 %large enterprises, 33.9% mid-market and 28.6% SMB. Geographic breakouts are: 49.1% North America, 26.7% EMEA, and 24.5% AsiaPAC: Australia, China, Japan, and Korea.