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Leading CRM provider SugarCRM is today announcing a visually transformed version of its platform that takes CRM out of the legacy world of clunky enterprise software.

As part of the company’s Winter ‘18 release of SugarⓇ Cloud, the new interface will give users a new experience that mirrors the rest of their digital lives. The new UX continues the company’s industry-leading commitment to innovation and to meeting the latest customer expectations.

Why does the user interface matter so much in CRM? Because, an engaging and efficient user experience directly affects the frequency, accuracy and effectiveness of CRM users. In many cases, enterprise software design has fallen behind the convenient, seamless experience of modern mobile apps.

“Most people have an implicit belief that they can and should intermingle their personal and business experiences. With the compelling design of smartphones, web, cloud and mobile apps, personal technology has become so much easier to use. However, people who are used to an amazing experience on their own devices must drastically lower their expectations when they go to work,” said Rich Green, chief product officer at SugarCRM. “With the new release of Sugar, we are pleased to introduce a visual restyling of the user interface that will meet the expectations of the modern workforce.”

Unlike many enterprise software tools, employees have a choice in how much they interact with the CRM. If a system is clunky and hard to work with, confusing, or it’s just plain ugly, employees will avoid using the system. In many cases, enterprise software design has fallen behind the convenient, seamless experience of modern mobile apps.

In developing its new user interface, SugarCRM conducted analysis of leading enterprise software offerings and solicited feedback from customers. The company established three design principles: clear, consistent and efficient. The result is a completely transformed visual design that offers a CRM experience that is immersive, engaging, and intuitive.

“CRM has become an indispensable tool for people who interact with customers, so it is very important that employees like using it,” said Mike Leatherwood, the Lead Industrial Development Manager at W.O. Grubb Steel Erectors Inc. “The new look and feel of Sugar is visually stunning. We ask our sales reps to ‘live’ inside the CRM, and this redesign will help ensure they do just that.”

Additional major updates to Sugar Winter ‘18 include:

Actionable Drill Through – Combines actions with insights helping users both understand and manipulate data with greater ease. Users can now view and interact with Sugar data by simply clicking into a chart.

Product Catalogue Dashlet – Helps users navigate the product catalogue in a visual way, find items they’re looking for and quickly add them to a quote. This new dashlet puts important data right at the user’s fingertips and makes it easier for them to quickly create and edit quotes

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