Guest Blogger

by Michelle Ansell

Digital transformation is at the forefront right now. With customer patience waning, I would predict that Customer Experience transformation will be next. It is commonly known that a more diverse and inclusive workforce breeds a more productive and better performing business. The Consumer-centric industry has evolved massively in the past decade, and will continue to evolve more, with ‘people’, as well as advancements in AI and continued automation I am sure, being a huge focus.

All too often we see investment and adoption of tools and technologies as the ‘go to’ solution to advance our customer engagement strategy or agenda and all too often we see these investments fail to deliver the ROI.  Why? Because without the vision, leadership and shared purpose or, goal, AI, automations, tools and tech cannot deliver what you want, but people can.

How many businesses have adopted the term ‘customer experience’, or ‘customer success’, or appointed a ‘Chief Customer Officer’ but have failed to realise the desired uplifts promised by a successful strategy in these areas?  SILO’s and departments who do not communicate with each other, business targets achieved, for instance NPS, or diversity, only to see customer and employee churn continue.

As a C-suite executive, business leader, or owner, your success is largely determined by your ability to access and attract top performing talent.  Who you surround yourself with and how they perform will directly impact your ability to achieve your goals and aspirations, deliver your programmes, serve your customers and lead your colleagues.  But talent alone is not enough, the ability to hire those top performing talented leaders with the will not just the skill, with higher levels of resilience, emotional and social intelligence is also key.

2020 has been a challenging year for some, exposing many an organisation’s poor Customer Experience or Leadership.  Though we have also seen many brands thrive. What is clear is that strong, resilient leadership, a shared vision and purpose, with highly effective communication is critical for business success.

As we look to the future of true omni-channel capability, a large uptake in digital channel adoption, faster and more meaningful insight derived from more sophisticated data mining, the development of a brand purpose and a proposition that customers trust is what will truly set the best brands and businesses apart. Are you ready?

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