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The more accurate the insight we have into our customers’ behaviours and expectations, the better equipped we are as organisations to provide them with the experiences they need
to ensure they remain our customers.

This irrefutable fact is a key reason why Engage Business Media is delighted to be joining forces with our partner Qualtrics to undertake research to explore key customer experience trends across Europe.

A pivotal part of our role as a global-reach multi-platform media company focused on customer and employee engagement and the benefits of a joined-up approach, is to keep ahead of the often technology driven trends that are impacting on our customers, and in turn the organisations they interact with.

When Engage Business Media was launched into the teeth of a global recession it was in large part due to the belief that advances in technology would change the way we behave as customers and employees—and that the organisations we are interacting with would also have to change or suffer the
consequences. And so it has come to pass.

The key findings of this study bring these changes in behaviour and expectations into sharp focus. Our customers expect the organisations they invest their time and money in to be relevant, responsive, know who they are, understand their needs and be easy to do business with at all times.

The organisations that are able to innovate to satisfy these demands are best positioned to survive and thrive in our fast changing technology driven world. For those that don’t— frankly, their days in business are numbered.


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