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Future of Work: The Impact on Business, Consumers and Employees

People in many parts of the world are changing how and where they want to work, and it is nowhere more evident than in the United States. Part-time and telecommuting are
the #1 new benefits being offered by employers, according to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Yes, technology continues to drive the pace, but growing in prominence, employees are raising their expectations for workplace-specific technology. Indeed, according to the Work in Progress 2016 survey facilitated by Adobe, workers value cutting-edge technology above most other work perks.

While “working from anywhere “ creates its own set of challenges, it is here to stay, led by specific segments and job functions where work is transactional in nature and populations are large. So where are the big impacts, the high volume payoffs in virtual working? What are the pitfalls and challenges companies are facing? To unpack the future of work in a more segmented approach, we take a closer look at three groups – businesses, consumers and employees.

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Future of Work: The Impact on Business, Consumers and Employees

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