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A practical guide to building— and maintaining— an authentic connection to customers

Loyalty has never been more fleeting. Today, new ideas become
interchangeable commodities the moment they become products. For every HipChat, there’s a Slack.
For every Uber, there’s a Lyft. For every Fitbit, there’s a Jawbone, a Garmin, a Moov or a Misfit.

Of course, committed relationships still exist and some customers do develop long-term attachments to brands. And those relationships built on deep, meaningful commitments yield measurable benefits. Study after study has shown the clear health benefits of being in a long-term romantic relationship, from decreasing the likelihood of depression to increasing lifespan to lowering your chances of getting heart disease and Alzheimer’s.1

Similarly, customers who find brands they love—and brands that, importantly, love them back—reap the benefits of loyalty, and of the peace of mind that comes from confidence in their purchases








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