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To put this eBook together, we spoke to representatives of leading health and wellbeing charities and not-for-profit organisations, as well as practitioners at the coal face of HR. The Britain’s most stressed out cities chapter is based on original research, conducted in association with the Relations Group, of 2001 UK adults.


Wellness is HR’s new watchword.
Some call it workplace wellness, others corporate wellness, but at its core the meaning is consistent.

A wellness programme is a workplace initiative or organisational policy that’s designed to support and promote the health of employees. This could be anything from encouraging healthy dietary choices, to flexible working policies.

Such programmes are becoming an increasingly important part of the overall employee experience, and HR’s EVP. This is down to a combination of state intervention – such as the Government’s recent Thriving at Work report and the latest regulations introduced for employment in the gig economy – and a heightened awareness of issues around health.

As well as the more obvious areas of wellness – such as physical – employers are now realising their responsibility in their people’s financial, mental, and emotional wellness. Put together, these pillars support high levels of employee engagement while fostering a workforce where people are committed to achieving organisational success.


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How To Kickstart Your Employee Wellness Programme

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