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In the era of conversational messaging, customer experience needs to go beyond traditional messaging channels. This eGuide provides insight and guidance into new messaging channels and technologies to help CX professionals differentiate customer engagement and service in 2018.

The ability to go beyond SMS and deliver app-like experiences on messaging channels is one of the most influential CX differentiators that your business can own today.

A business’ mobile strategy is predominately led by its mobile website and mobile app – it has been the
standard approach to delivering services to consumers on mobile since Apple launched the App Store in 2008.

But while consumers have shown a preference for the app – spending 85% of their smartphone time in one – the reality is that apps are expensive to develop and don’t deliver the value that businesses expect in terms of winning, acquiring and retaining customers. Across all industries, 71% of app users churn within 90 days and 23% abandon after just one use.

Exacerbating the app challenge, 51% of all digital media time on mobile is spent in just 5 apps, of which messaging apps dominate with the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Messaging’s dominance over smartphone time and the mobile journey is what’s powering the disruptive shift to conversational engagement, commerce and service.


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Messaging+ A guide to new conversational messaging channels

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