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Agent satisfaction is vital for customer experience – however, many contact centre leaders are challenged to keep agents motivated and engaged for the long-haul.

In recent years, the focus in the contact centre industry has primarily been on improving the customer experience (CX), but what’s often over-looked is the importance of prioritising the agent experience (AX).

When it comes to AX, without a consistent strategy executed to address people, processes, and technology, contact centres will continue to face challenges with attrition and a lack of engagement, all of which are direct causes of poor customer satisfaction.

In this toolkit, we provide a framework that you can use to enhance your AX whilst improving the overall effectiveness, and impact of your contact centre:

Use the toolkit to:

  • Assess your organisation’s maturity level on agent experience
  • Better align people, process, and technology efforts more successfully
  • Identify continuous improvement opportunities
  • Enrich the AX within your contact centre

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ICMI Agent Experience Maturity Model & Toolkit (1)

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