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The customer experience suffers when there’s a gap between expectation and the promises made by a brand. In order for brands to deliver customer service excellence it’s important that expectation and promise be closely aligned. The issue, however, arises when brands lack clarity as to what promises their messaging delivers. If brands are unclear on this, then they can’t adequately estimate consumer expectation. Usually, the volume of KPIs employed by organisations acts to cloud the brand message.

Recent research (from analyst group Forrester) indicates just how important staying on top of CX is. Nearly 3 in 4 (72%) of businesses say that improving the customer experience is a top priority – which is very good news, considering how much CX has evolved over the past few years

There are two different approaches being employed by in their attempt to bring closer alignment between customer expectation and brand promise: evolutionary and revolutionary CX Design.

Once a brand has identified their core messaging and the promise that that messaging makes to its target demographic and its customers, they need to assess how they want to improve CX.

Technology should be an enable brands, rather than limit them when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience. For many organisations, legacy technology is continuing to be an issue for organisations trying to adopt more flexible, agile approaches to IT delivery. It for this reason that a revolutionary approach alone isn’t a practical solution.

When tackling CX design, brands should look to evolve their processes – that is the approach most appropriate for the majority of organisations. The ability and the culture of the brand – and, as a result, the customer experience – is more important than the process. In an ever changing marketplace, customer demands alter quickly, and businesses need to put themselves in the best position possible to respond to the needs of their customers and capitalise on emerging trends.

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