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A word of warning in this week’s newsletter to online organisations that are taking their customers for granted – and not just their customers. The new report contends online and social brands that are prominent in customers lives need to watch out because more and more consumers have stopped or will stop using their services if they don’t like the way they are treated.

The report titled ‘Walk the Talk: What consumers expect from today’s online brands’ also points to broader issues than the CX including CEO behaviour, the way businesses treat staff and vulnerable groups, workforce diversity, and respect for the countries in which they operate. Perhaps unsurprisingly poor customer service is the top reason why consumers have stopped using or reduced their usage of an online brand.

Other factors include: because they don’t pay enough tax; they are treating their workers and suppliers unfairly; because they haven’t taken action to reduce their impact on the environment; and because they don’t show enough respect.

Some hard-hitting stuff here summed up in a comment from report authors Brands2Life: “Online brands dominate our lives today and we all know that their business models are under increasing scrutiny from regulators and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. This report illustrates that they need to be fully aware of how consumers see them and their behaviour. If they don’t offer best-in-class customer service and display the highest standards of corporate citizenship, consumers will simply stop using them.”

The good news is that we have two upcoming events that will help in the shape of our CX Marketing Summit on June 19 and our Customer Engagement Transformation Conference on July 9. Look forward to seeing you at least at one of them.

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