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Why trust is central to customer satisfaction and long-term engagement

By Olivier Njamfa, CEO and Co-founder, Eptica We live in a complex and fast-changing world. Consumers face more and more demands on their time, and have a widening amount of choice when it comes to who they buy from. It’s therefore no coincidence that trust is rising in importance. Consumers want to engage with brands […]

Top 5 CX habits for 2019: Focus on fostering a customer-centric culture

By Claire Sporton, SVP, Customer Experience Innovation, Confirmit Thank goodness for British Summer Time! Hopefully you have adapted to the loss of an hour and have adjusted any of your remaining analogue clocks to the right time. With the added daylight, there really is no reason not to fine tune your Customer Experience Resolutions for […]

Inclusive digital design: a vital component for customer service

by Hilary Stephenson, Managing Director of user experience (UX) agency, Sigma Great online experience is – naturally – a key facet of any customer-facing business. From booking healthcare appointments and controlling our central heating to ordering a taxi or managing our finances, customer experience has been dramatically disrupted by technology in the past 10 years. […]

An integrated customer experience is a top business priority

Konstantin Selgitski is chief marketing officer at Apifonica.  He joined Apifonica more than three years ago to head up the company’s international business division.  His career spans more than 15 years, with experience in successfully defining, implementing and managing both marketing and IT projects across the tech, media, FMCG, entertainment and banking sectors. By 2028, recent research […]

Top 5 CX habits for 2019: Listen to more voices, combine more sources

By Claire Sporton, SVP, Customer Experience Innovation, Confirmit Did the recent burst of unseasonal sunny weather trick you into thinking that it was already summer? Did you wonder where the year was racing away to and how you were going to find the time to put your Customer Experience Resolutions into practice? Never fear – […]

Mark Hilary

Exploring RPA Developments in Snowy Belarus

I went to Minsk in Belarus recently, taking myself from a gorgeous Brazilian summer into the depths of winter. The journey was worthwhile though. I’ve been following many of the service companies in Eastern Europe for years and I have watched how many of them have blended IT Outsourcing with Business Process Outsourcing and customer […]

Why customer experience is the backbone to sales transformation

by Richard Hilton, Managing Director EMEA at Miller Heiman Group Sales organisations often take the permanency of their customers for granted — a big mistake in the age of ceaseless change, when sales leaders must continuously grow the size of existing accounts in addition to capturing new customers. Closing the first piece of business with a […]

Top 5 CX habits for 2019: Focus on Innovation and Action

By Claire Sporton, SVP, Customer Experience Innovation, Confirmit Can you believe we are well into February already? Have you recovered from the inevitable round of 2019 kick-off and planning meetings? Are you back in the swing of things? Jolly good. Now, onto more important matters – how many New Year’s Resolutions have you managed to […]

5 ways to balance profit with purpose

By Noel Quinn, Chief Executive, HSBC Global Commercial Banking Influencers of many kinds gathered in Davos again recently to discuss the problems our world faces. More than ever, they looked to business to come up with solutions. Several world leaders dropped out of 2019’s World Economic Forum, but this wasn’t the only reason why attention […]